All the Fun of the Fair…

Image: Oughtibridge Gala Day 2013

Oughtibridge Gala 2013 takes place from 1pm this Saturday (June 29) in Coronation Park and looks set to be a fun filled day with entertainment for all ages.

The aim of the Gala is to promote our fantastic village spirit, and support local good causes and charities.

Come and enjoy all the fun of the fair this Gala day at The Cock Inn where food, drinks and treats will be served all day!

Our Gala Day Menu includes:

  • Hot Dogs with Fried Onions, Cheese or Chilli – £1.50
  • Burgers with Fried Onions, Cheese or Chilli – £2.50
  • Jacket Potatoes with Cheese, Beans, Coleslaw or Chilli – £3.00
  • Sweets all £1.00
  • Candy floss
  • Popcorn
  • 99 ice cream
  • Donuts
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix

Enjoy our beer garden with outdoor pool and games, and beat the queues with our outdoor bottle bar, where the following drinks will be available:

  • Fosters Radler – £1.70
  • Stella – £1.80
  • Blue Moon – £2.00
  • Cobra – £2.00
  • Bud – £2.80
  • Blue WKD – £2.80
  • Kopperberg Naked Apple – £3.00
  • Fruit Shoot – £1.00
  • Panda Pop – 80p

We look forward to welcoming you this Saturday!


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